Are you a disability confident employer?


Disability Confident

The Disability Confident scheme supports employers like you to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to your workplace.

More and more businesses are signing up to Disability Confident every week. The scheme helps them think differently about disability, and improve how they attract, recruit and retain disabled workers.

"Becoming a Disability Confident employer means we are making the most of the talents disabled people can bring to our company." Mark Thurgood, eXPD8 Field Marketing

eXPD8 Field Marketing

How to become Disability Confident

Begin by signing up as Disability Confident Committed (Level 1):

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"Disability confidence benefits colleagues and customers" Mark McLane, Barclays

Why you should sign up

Disability Confident organisations play a leading role in changing attitudes for the better. They’re changing behaviour and cultures in their own businesses, networks and communities.

The scheme helps employers:

  • draw from the widest possible pool of talent
  • secure high quality staff who are skilled, loyal and hard working
  • improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating that you treat all employees fairly

It also helps customers and other businesses identify those employers who are committed to equality in the workplace.

"Employing disabled people drives innovation" Dan Brooke, Channel 4